MyPatient 360

Omics Data Automation Inc

Virtual Molecular Tumor Board: Automating patient data aggregation and visualization

MyPatient 360 is Omic Data Automation’s Virtual Molecular Tumor Board solution, developed by Oncologists, Hospital Administrators, Bioinformaticians, and Engineers. This dashboard integrates and presents all relevant aggregated data around a single patient to create a holistic solution to Multidisciplinary Cancer Conferences. This tool is powered by the ODA Framework which stores & integrates Genomic, Pathology, and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data at scale.  



  • Holistic Solution for Multidisciplinary Workflows improves efficiency
  • Web-based tool promotes virtualization and online collaboration
  • Standardized Tumor Board Solution
  • Robust data to explore and present


Key Features:

  • Single interface that combines all relevant patient data and offers machine learning-powered visualization tools to explore and derive insight.

  • MyPatient Timeline brings together a scrollable, visual patient history and all recent diagnosis, visits, medications, and lab orders to create a snapshot of the patient’s medical history for the clinician.
  • PathView ODA’s Full Resolution Pathology Web Viewer uses the ODA Framework to process and register stained tissue samples and provides integrated digital annotation capability for whole-slide images. 
  • Integrated robust Radiology Viewer with 3D modeling functionalities. 
  • Custom compression algorithms optimize our web-based Image Viewers to have snappy, full zoom & pan tools.
  • The ODA Framework is a completely scalable compute & storage platform that can be hosted on-premise or in a HIPPA compliant cloud.
  • OmicsDS and ImageDS are completely scalable novel datastore solutions that support full-resolution pathology slides, genomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, and more.
  • Dynamic Cohort Creation is supported though a robust querying functionality supported by the ODA Framework. 
  • NCCN, ASCO Evidence-Based Cancer Guidelines
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