Smart Building - Visitor Experience/Guest Journey

Autor: Omnimap

Connect systems, services, vendors & processes to provide guests with a fully integrated experience.

Our integrated Visitor Experience solution integrates all systems & suppliers and enables you to redesign business processes so that you can provide a seamlessly integrated experience when guest visit your company.

Built on the Omnimap Platform and powered by Microsoft Azure, our solution connects Email & Calendars (eg. Outlook), Access Systems (eg. SKIDATA), Point of Sales Systems (eg. Eijsink), Lockers (eg. Vecos) and suppliers (hospitality, catering, facility management, security vendors and more).

Our solution will significantly improve the experience of your guests and provides you with an unique opportunity to establish meaningful and long lasting relationships with your customers. Although technology plays a big role in this solution, it is implemented in way that makes it invisible to the guest or the employee. It just works.

Omnimap is an ISO 27001 company and the leading provider of Innovation as a Service solutions on the Microsoft Cloud. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the Omnimap Platform is used by organizations like City of Amsterdam, City of Rotterdam, City of The Hague and Microsoft to address complex business challenges and create innovative new scenarios.

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