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Mitrefinch - Flexipay Payroll Software

Flexipay is a proven payroll solution and trusted by over 3,500 organisations in the UK to process their payroll. The solution is designed with accuracy and speed in mind, delivering real-time payslip calculations and able to process BACs, RTI files and payslips at super-speed, ensuring every customer benefits from operational efficiency and more time for making adjustments before payroll cut-off, which is one of the reasons that so many payroll bureau organisations use it.

Benefit from a range of cutting-edge features such as our unique instant calculations engine, pay on demand for employees, secure e-payslip delivery, easy auto-enrolment, self-service functionality and an enhanced intuitive user experience to help you drive accurate, fast and compliant payroll.

Benefits of Flexipay?

  • Proven solution
  • Real time calculations provide instant payslip results
  • Huge reduction in payroll processing time
  • Automation of complex calculations removing opportunities for errors
  • Real time reporting
  • Reduction of costs – no need for expensive third party licences for reporting 
  • Ability to produce ad-hoc reports whenever required at no additional cost

Say hello to instant payroll calculations and goodbye to waiting for payroll to run. 

Learn more about Flexipay.

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