Autor: Oneva Inc

Onēva Concierge Care is a Voluntary Employer Benefit that Connects Employees to Caregivers

Awarded a patent for “Trust and Safety in the Occasional In-Home Care Market”, Onēva Concierge Care is an enterprise grade, GDPR compliant technology platform comprised of:

  • a web application for HR department and Onēva Concierge use,
  • the OnēvaMe native application for employee customer use, and
  • the OnēvaPro application for Caregiver use.

In aggregate, these applications allow employee customers to simply and easily select and book repeat care in as few as a dozen clicks saving up to 11 hours per week to find caregivers who may or may not comply with regulations. A live Onēva Concierge is also available 24 x 7 at 800.971.3053 to meet customer needs.

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