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OpenBack Smart Push Notifications & In-App Messaging

Product Summary

OpenBack is the only Mobile Engagement Platform with Smart Notifications and Device-Side Decisions -- guaranteed to reach every user every time. Compose feature-rich notifications that drive action and get results. Get Smart, grow aggressively and stay compliant.


Product Description

The solution enables iOS and Android native and cross platform apps to deliver smart push notifications to their users at the right moment.

The solution leverages a patent pending device-side decisions engine within the OpenBack SDK added to the build of the customer’s mobile apps which enables push notifications, in-app and inbox messages guaranteed to be delivered at the perfect moment.

  • Reliable – Smart Notifications Get there every time – guaranteed.

    • Smart Notifications have a 100% delivery rate. Yes, really.

    • Build powerful campaigns leveraging 40+ device triggers to deliver interactive and personalized messages that can 10x your click-through rate.

    • Stay on target by tracking goals and conversions with true attribution and influence metrics.

  • Engaging – Send feature-rich notifications that drive action and get results.

    • Compose rich, engaging, and interactive notifications with images, seamless video, deep links, and buttons - in one or more languages.

    • Deliver messages at the perfect moment for your customers with 40+ user-centric device triggers with real-time context for every message campaign.

    • Master your metrics with our Audience Estimation, Delivery Predictions, and Campaign Reporting tools for predictable impact.

  • Compliant – The only secure and compliant platform available.

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