GeoTraceability Platform

Autor: Optel Group

Raw material traceability

OPTEL’s GeoTraceability platform offers powerful solutions for data collection and analysis, providing qualitative and quantitative data to track and authenticate raw materials, ensure responsible sourcing, and reduce the environmental and social impact of raw-material procurement. 

The platform can help optimize such data as demographics, field characteristics, infrastructure, monitoring, business activities and traceability. The result is increased visibility at the source and direct communication with smallholder farmers.

This cloud-based platform is flexible enough to interoperate with other platforms and data sources. Data collected using other software or devices can be integrated into the overarching database and analyzed using the platform.

Why is this platform an asset for your supply chain? 

  • Secures supplies and the supply chain by offering sponsorship programs to engage and empower smallholders

  • Improves smallholders’ productivity with personalized business plan tools, showing them how to optimize their time and resources 

  • Tracks the movements of raw materials throughout the supply chain  

  • Traces product origin and authenticates raw materials and certifications, with the ability to monitor status and counterfeiting alerts and identify any non-conformities

  • Survey Design Tool
  • Mobile Data Collection App

  • Geo-Spacial Technology

  • Smallholder SMS System

  • Farm Business Plan Builder

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