Visual Assistance

Autor: OptimaTech Limited

Enhanced support through real-time visual collaboration and interactive troubleshooting


In the realm of client servicing, support teams often encounter challenges when it comes to understanding and addressing client issues efficiently. Limited visibility of the client's environment and equipment, coupled with the need for effective communication and guidance, can lead to prolonged troubleshooting processes and unnecessary onsite visits. These obstacles can strain resources and impact customer satisfaction.

To overcome these client servicing hurdles, Visual Assistance emerges as a game-changing solution. Designed to empower support teams, Visual Assistance leverages real-time video calls and screen-sharing capabilities to provide a comprehensive visual understanding of the client's environment. By virtually stepping into the client's workspace, support teams can visually assess equipment status, configurations, and potential bottlenecks, enabling them to quickly diagnose and resolve issues.

Visual Assistance goes beyond conventional support channels by offering interactive and real-time guidance. Support agents can visually demonstrate troubleshooting steps, share best practices, and provide personalized recommendations, all while empowering clients to actively participate in the resolution process. With Visual Assistance, clients can confidently navigate complex technical challenges, reducing their reliance on onsite support visits and streamlining the troubleshooting experience.

Overall, Visual Assistance revolutionizes client servicing by introducing visual collaboration, efficiency, and convenience. It transforms the support landscape, enabling faster problem resolution, reducing costs, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. With Visual Assistance, support teams can deliver an exceptional level of service, while clients benefit from prompt, tailored, and visually guided solutions.

Features highlight

Live Video Calls
Engage in real-time video calls with clients, allowing support teams to visually assess the client's environment, equipment, and configurations. This fosters effective communication and understanding.
Screen Sharing
Share screens seamlessly during video calls, enabling support teams to guide clients step-by-step through troubleshooting processes. Visualize issues together and provide hands-on guidance.
Annotation And Markups
Annotate and mark up screens and documents in real time. Highlight important areas, draw attention to specific details, and provide clear instructions for clients to follow.
Document Sharing
Share relevant documents, manuals, or guides with clients to provide additional resources and reference materials during troubleshooting. Keep everyone on the same page for efficient problem-solving.
Simple Integration
Easily integrate Visual Assistance into existing servicing applications without the need for extensive redevelopment. With a simple plugin addition, enjoy the convenience of Visual Assistance without disrupting your current workflows or requiring significant software changes.

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