oraya compass

Autor: oraya GmbH

compass offers crawling and analytics, providing insights about competitors and market prices.

In today's competitive business environment, oraya compass is a ground-breaking solution specifically designed to give you a clearly defined competitive advantage. This easy-to-use, web-based tool provides a clear dashboard to identify and track competitors and vendors with similar product lines. It promotes a more accurate understanding of your competitive position and facilitates strategic decision-making.

Automated market monitoring
Oraya compass serves as a reliable view of your competition in the online marketplace, constantly collecting and analysing data to provide an accurate representation of your competitive landscape. The software gives you control over how deep you want to go into the market analysis - you decide where and how often you want to search. Perhaps the most enriching feature is the advanced analytical insights - ensuring up-to-the-minute assessment by monitoring competitor pricing trends at the frequency of your choice. Instant notification of price changes allows you to make immediate, data-driven decisions to ensure you stay competitive.

Transparent Price Comparison

In an era of dynamic pricing, oraya compass simplifies the complexity of developing your pricing strategy by continuously analysing competitive data. With automatic price change alerts for monitored products, you won't miss a thing - no price or product changes will be overlooked. This level of attention leads to a higher level of market transparency on which to build your strategies.

Discovery of New Competitors

With the Discovery Search feature, oraya compass finds new sellers with similar products, increasing your competitive awareness. It is up to you whether you want to continue monitoring these newly discovered competitors, so you can focus on what matters most.

Personal Shop Selection for Maximum Efficiency

Recognising that each business requirement is unique, oraya compass allows for individual, product-specific selection of online shops for highly detailed and efficiency-optimised competitive analysis.

You can choose where and how often to run these queries, depending on your specific needs.

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Your Key Benefits at a glance

  • Easy competitive intelligence: A user-friendly web application that simplifies your entry into market analysis, saving time and effort.

  • Holistic market overview: Get a bird's eye view of your markets to inform strategic decision-making and to optimally position your business.

  • Price change alert: Stay one step ahead of your competitors with immediate alerts for monitored price changes, allowing for instant strategy shifts.

  • Advanced Analyses: Gain deeper insights into your market positioning and leverage these data-driven findings for informed and impactful business decisions.
  • Microsoft Azure Integration: The payment process is covered by Microsoft and Microsoft Credits can be used for purchasing. Easily manage payment and subscriptions via Microsoft Azure.

For brands & wholesalers

Get full visibility of where your products are sold, monitor how your products are priced and watch products like yours.

  • Monitor how your resellers and vendors are pricing your products.
  • Know when your stock is low or sold out so you can proactively replenish supply.
  • Find unauthorized resellers of your products.
  • Check how similar products are priced so you can remain competitive.

For online retailers & e-commerce

Monitor competitors and we'll uncover new ones for you to follow. Track specific products, categories, or entire online stores.

  • Monitor how your competitors are pricing their products
  • Quickly respond to competitors by optimizing your pricing
  • Get new competitor insights and find products similar to yours
  • Product performance insights

More than just a tool, oraya compass is your key to successful business strategies. It guides you through the complexities of the market landscape and provides a competitive advantage in the form of tactical pricing. With the oraya compass, navigating the competitive marketplace becomes a streamlined process that guides you to your business goals quickly and effectively!

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