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Autor: Orbital Insight, Inc.

We have a robust strategy targeting National Intelligence, Dept of Defense and Law Enforcement.


USG plans their missions as best as they can and in the early days, we simply just did not have any data, but what is happening today is difficult to understand.  

So today we have people flying and commanders making decisions about where to put our forces and assets without all the info that is available to us.  When we think about Order of Battle there are things that Orbital Insights and the GO platform can discover proactively for commanders and people in mission units. They can put it into their planning process, change their tactics, techniques, and procedures. It is really about safety, navigation and effectively getting the people from point A to point B. Not only for mission units but for the people on the ground as well.

·       Commanders today are sending mission units into battle with no data; Years ago the problem was the data simply did not exist, the situation today is worse because it does exist, it just cannot be interpreted by humans; Orbital Insights and Go’s platform can discover insights proactively so commanders and mission units can use data in their planning process, change their tactics, techniques, and procedures;  Ultimately protecting the armed forces well being as well as the people on the ground.


A lot of people think you can secure the border with a $25B physical wall and a lot of people including the CBP Agents know you need to use technology.

What we have done is partnered with high altitude platform companies, specifically balloons that can fly for weeks/months at a time and we effectively set up a digital tower. Think about the high ground so you can effectively see the border and layered in with satellite imagery, cell phone location data and high-resolution imagery.

We have Geospatial Search and Rescue (GSAR) which allows CBP to look at the entire southern border and look for activity such as cars trucks and groups of people in and out of the US/Mex border. This is something we have built from the ground up and has language [in the budget] for next two years.  There is an additional $55M budgeted for this exact type of technology.  *We are going through the same process steps that (Anduril) went through with the CBP-S&T group and looking to graduate to an O&M contract. We are already working on expanding our existing.· We have taken the view from the high ground to effectively see the border with layered in satellite imagery, cell phone location data and high-resolution imagery; GSAR - Geospatial search and rescue 

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