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Sophisticated flexible physical asset tracking - aligns financial & maintenance data per ISO 55010

Main features:

· Human readable, barcode, QR and RFID identification tags

· Standardized basic descriptions for each asset type

· Unlimited distinct technical specifications for each asset type

· Location trees with unlimited branches

· Distinct granularities for human resources, accounting, maintenance, and IT department requirements

· Distinct granularities for reconciling and data cleansing accounting, maintenance, and IT department databases

· Individual or group tracking

· Works on Android, iOS, and Windows devices

· Designed in compliance with ISO TS 55010 for alignment of physical assets’ financial and non-financial information

· API links to all major ERP

LevinAssets Mobile (LAM) is a specialized app for initial and cyclic physical asset tracking, and interfaces with all ERP fixed assets and plant maintenance modules. It is designed to ensure reliability in accounting, plant maintenance and any other asset register databases, updated across asset life cycles, as assets are added, modified, transferred, or disposed of.

LAM addresses an organization’s different departments’ information requirements, such as:

· Accounting: existence and location of individual and group assets, as they appear in the financial asset register.

· Plant Maintenance: existence and location of assets in the maintenance asset register.

· Human Resources: control of individual items such as notebooks, office furniture, printers, scanners, and other equipment.

· Data reconciliation across databases in accordance with each department’s requirements.

LAM can be deployed directly thanks to its friendly and effective user guide. We at Levin can provide remote and in-person support for initial setup and for ongoing user training if needed.

LAM user licenses are free for unlimited users. We only charge support if needed, and annual software maintenance from the second year onwards.

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