ioTORQ Utility Bill Management (UBM)

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Maximize cost savings with our advanced Utility Bill Management ( UBM ) software

ioTORQ UBM software automates the processing of bills from hundreds of utility suppliers, utilizes advanced analytics to validate data, identify errors and optimize expenditure, and engages stakeholders with fully customizable dashboards.


Built on Azure, ioTORQ UBM features include:

  • Advanced Analytics - Automatically identify bill errors, along with tariff and cost optimization opportunities for hundreds of utilities.
  • Machine Learning - Utilize our machine learning algorithms to provide additional insights and maximize cost savings potential.
  • Automated Alerts - Set targets and receive automated notifications to avoid losses and mitigate utility price risks.
  • Powerful Reporting - From buildings monitoring to facilities benchmarking, all reports, live dashboards and presentations are user customizable.
  • Multisite Overview - Create dashboards with live data from multiple facilities and perform benchmarking across the organization.
  • Flexible Data Integration - Our bill importer handles data from an array of systems and formats, including FTP(s), HTTP(s) and utility supplier data files.


Additional ioTORQ modules include:


ioTORQ EMIS - Energy Management Information System

  • Easily Acquire Data → Visualize → Manage → Save
  • Unlock operational savings and avoid losses
  • Identify capital equipment projects and validate savings
  • Deploy with ISO 50001 Energy Management System


ioTORQ OEE Lean Manufacturing

  • Identify downtime issues and quantify Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in real time
  • Deliver productivity and labour gains
  • Prioritize continuous improvement initiatives

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