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Curated responses where, when and how your customers need it from a single source of knowledge

Customers want information when they choose, from wherever they are, and in a manner they like to communicate. Panviva gives you the power of a single knowledge repository tool and the control of content across your channels. Your content can be easily curated to meet the needs of an omnichannel strategy, ensuring that customers always receive the latest, most accurate response, in which ever manner they interact with your brand.

Panviva has traditional interactions covered too with an intuitive knowledge management system, to deliver exceptional customer service faster:
-Eliminate time-wasting search and get accurate, consistent information on-demand to every device and location.
-IVRs route customer to the right answer or agent faster through well-designed policy steps.
-Agents quickly resolve issues with confidence and without escalation. Talk time and average handling time is reduced by 12% to 45%.

With the Panviva Cloud, you can make the most of our API platform that easily integrate to create a knowledge ecosystem:
Live API
The Panviva Live API extends Panviva's context awareness, ensuring that the right content is displayed to the right user at the right time. This API enables other applications to interact with Panviva and push the right information to a specified user.

Content API
Content APIs allow applications to pull the contents of a Panviva document in a JSON/HTML format and re-purpose it. For example, the Panviva content can be published on an external web site or inside another application. In this way, content created and stored in Panviva can be made available to anyone in different formats and media.

Natural Language Search (NLS) APIs & Artefact APIs
Knowledge within documents can be further curated to expose key artefacts/content, served up via the Artefact API fetched via an identifier. These artefacts can also be queried via the NLS API to surface up the most relevant artefacts.
For example, a chat bot may utilise only the relevant content in a response.

Analytics APIs
Analytics are as important for business as making good decisions, and are often used to make them. With the power of integrating with Business Intelligence services that aggregate key metrics, you are able to look at underlying trends & make informed decisions.
Via the Analytics APIs, Panviva is able to serve up usage analytics for the Panviva platform to be consumed by industry leading BI providers such as Tableau & PowerBI.

Expertise in Success
By adopting the Panviva Knowledge Philosophy, we can help you deliver always-on messages regardless of device and channel, and ensure you provide a great customer experience. Contact us for more information on the support we can provide to make your implementation a success ranging from an initial design consultation through to a full-fledged knowledge and technology strategy.

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