Parsage Capital Asset Planning System™

Autor: Parsage Inc

Capital Asset Planning System for managing large real estate and infrastructure portfolios

Unlike traditional project planning software that focuses on the daily management of a project our Capital Asset Planning Suite (CAPS) provides senior leadership with accurate, up-to-date insights into the performance of all investment projects across the enterprise.

CAPS is based on technology and processes Parsage has built for clients over the past ten years. It is designed for organizations with large portfolios of capital assets (such as buildings, campuses, and public transportation assets). The CAPS suite is very flexible and can accommodate a number of work-flows, but always includes:
  • Support for a multi-year Capital Planning Cycle 
  • Detailed tracking of financials, milestones & deliverables, and actions across the project life cycle 
  • Run-time generated forms for collecting data to support Annual Capital Planning process and ongoing Execution Tracking 
  • Flexible cloud-based solution to minimize lock-in and up-front investment
  • Prioritized portfolio through criteria weights and project scoring
  • Advanced and flexible report builder deployed using MSFT Power Builder and Synapse Data Warehouse 
  • Detailed logging of all changes to data collected
  • Integrated with content management system for information and document handling

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