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Future Proof Payroll & HR for an increasingly complicated & regulated world

PaySpace Payroll & HR Software offers streamlined payroll & HR management solutions that will increase data accuracy and processing efficiency. PaySpace was developed to operate in a highly secure and operationally efficient manner and was specifically designed to provide multi-country Payroll and HR support to organisations of all sizes and industry sectors. With PaySpace, all the information you need to effectively manage, deploy, and pay your people is stored in a single, secure yet easily accessible place. From recruitment to retirement, using PaySpace will save you time and money by eliminating manual and error-prone processes. It will provide you with a single truth for HR and Payroll data - and the tools to make strategic decisions at every level. The Software functionality has expanded into 40+ African countries as well as the Middle East, Europe  & Brazil. Strategic relationships with various highly-acclaimed international accounting firms have been set-up to ensure the best possible solution and 100% legislative compliance in all countries. Together with multi-national specific functionality, PaySpace provides powerful delivery that assists clients in rolling out into international regions rapidly. 

Our automated, cloud-based multi-tenant platform offers:

  • Always up-to-date. Fully maintained to ensure the system meets constantly changing legislative needs. Continuous communication on such changes to the client to ensure full transparency on the system or legislative changes.
  • Clients need not worry about understanding complex legislative rules. All international legislation is automated and updated by the software.
  • Secure, robust, compliant cloud platform to meet your payroll and people management operational needs.
  • A proven system which has been successfully deployed and is used daily by over 6,100+ organisations, internationally ranging in size from a few staff to many thousands across all industry sectors.
  • Designed to support more than the basic HR and Payroll needs, includes; recruitment, talent, performance and training management. An agile platform to support your future changing people management needs.
  • Developed and maintained in South Africa to meet emerging International HR best practice standards and operate cost-effectively across a variety of technical infrastructures. Provides a single platform to enable multi-country operations.
  • The software cloud access eradicates the need for onsite admin personnel and allows all stakeholders; administrators, managers and employees, to access their payroll or HR functions from anywhere in the world.
  • Meet complex Expatriate functionality, including multi-country gross-up capability, removing the need for local in-country payroll administration. Expat tax management support, including home country and local tax

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