Singula® Subscriber Intelligence

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We help you find and execute your perfect growth strategy.

At Singula Decisions we are passionate about driving subscriber growth. Our 20+ years’ experience managing over 30 million subscribers for leading TV subscription businesses means we see the world

Subscription businesses are hyper-successful when they can systematically and continuously drive growth. We know that there are three fundamental elements to gaining the right subscriber intelligence and taking action – fast.

Our award-winning Subscriber Intelligence Platform combines our team’s extensive domain knowledge and practical experience with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques that turn your subscriber data into something so tangible that it will transform the way you engage with your subscribers.

We help up to understand:
  • Where your subscribers are right now
  • How they got there and where they are going (supply & demand)
  • What needs to happen to change their behaviour

We help you deliver sustainable subscriber growth through Brilliant Decisions and Intelligent Actions.

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