Autor: Penta Security Systems Inc.

Cloud-based Certificate Authority Service

AMO CA, formerly known as AuthentiCA, is a cloud-based certificate authority service that allows users to easily issue certificates, manage queries, renewals, and revocations. From IoT device manufacturers where high security levels are required, IoT service providers who need safer services, and to developers wishing to strengthen security of existing IoT products – simple certificate issuance and management is available for all the above and anyone else in need.

AMO CA provides certificates (X.509, IEEE 1609.2, ISO 15118) that can be used in various industries such as Smart Home, Smart Energy, Smart Factory, Smart Car and Electronic Vehicle.

Benefits Include:

  • Provides certificate management service such as certificate inquiry, verification, and revocation.
  • Supports certificate renewal function.
  • Securely manage the certificate key.

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