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FlourishDx – Preventative Workplace Mental Health at Scale

FlourishDx empowers organisations across the globe to take a preventative approach to employee mental health.

The cloud based platform combines risk management with wellbeing promotion to assist in the prevention of mental illness and optimise employee mental health.

For employers:

  •  Helps fulfil duty of care obligations to have a healthy and safe workplace.
  •  Organisations can push eLearning and monitor completion. This assists in ensuring all employees have basic mental health and sleep health awareness.
  •  Two types of surveys can be pushed to gather employee feedback and develop data-informed strategies for employee wellbeing/risk management.
  •  Employers can never see individual employee responses or track their engagement with the app at an individual level.
  • The purpose of the data collection is to inform the development of a mental health management plan and track the success of interventions.

For employees:

  •  Improve understanding of mental health and sleep health with engaging learning content (more than 30 videos included).
  •  Check in with a “flourish survey” to understand the degree to which they have established key pillars of mental health.
  •  Develop skills to optimise mental health and wellbeing thanks to a library of evidenced based activities.
  •  Turn off the stress response with access to guided meditations - can also help with sleep!
  •  Engage with “J” – a mental fitness coach bot to keep wellbeing front of mind and help create healthy habits.

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