Task Management

Autor: Pepas Cloud

Task Management


•Application built for management of tasks by types of locations;

•Build in Power Apps, free integrated in Teams;

•Can be tailored to specific needs of each customer;

•Can be built in less than one month​;

•The application can be accessed from PC and mobile devices.

Application functionalities:

•Location list configuration - can be divided into categories (one or more types of predefined lists for each type of location);

•Configuring the standard list of daily activities;

•Changing tasks and responsible tasks;

•Show location program and task developer;

•Activity/task configuration function as an exception;

•Rearranging list of tasks according to the business needs of the store (Reshuffle);

•Display the list of tasks by hourly intervals;

•Display of tasks by user access level (Location Manager, Department Manager, etc.);

•Display task calendar by week and degree of importance;

•Possibility to instantly create a certain type of task;

•Adding pictures, documents on tasks;

•Real-time tracking of the status of each task (unfinished tasks);

•Rescheduling of outstanding tasks;

•Reports showing the situation at the level of region, location and category of tasks.

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