Vispera ShelfSight

Autor: Vispera Bilgi Teknolojileri San. Ic ve Dis Tic. A. S.

In-Store fixed-camera solution for retail shelf monitoring and enhanced shopping experience

Vispera Shelfsight is an In-Store Fixed-camera AI-based Image Recognition and IoT System for OOS prevention and shelf compliance and intelligence. Shelfsight provides real-time key retail execution metrics with 98%+ accuracy, SKU-level granularity, detects and reads price tags, and measures instant KPIs like out-of-stocks, misplaced items, planogram compliance and more.

Through our solutions Retailers and CPG companies can gain a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. Some specific benefits of using our service are as follows:

  • Identify out-of-shelf events in real time and minimize their impact
  • Ensure price and planogram compliance
  • Maximize in-store visibility & shelf share
  • Boost productivity with instant reports
  • Increase store auditing coverage through image recognition-based self-auditing
  • Identify OOS conditions causing revenue loss and immediate revenue increase opportunities
  • Reduce labor requirements by automating time-consuming tasks which are subject to significant human error
  • All in one, increase in-store sales and offer better shopper experience

Flexible Analytics and Reporting
Vispera Shelfsight provides highly customizable in-store and cloud reporting tools, which enable real-time store monitoring capabilities for different levels of execution.
  • Scheduled Shelf Measurement Collection: Time triggered automatic measurements can be configured with the desired frequency, which enables historical data accumulation of shelf metrics for detailed predictive analytics.
  • Real-time inspection and historical trend analysis: The collected shelf measurement data is accessible to the users for both real-time inspection and historical trend analysis.
  • On-demand Shelf Evaluation: Using live measurement API, the measurements can be accessed in real time by the store staff for immediate measurement and action.

The unique set of features to increase customer engagement and growth includes:
  • Proprietary mobile interface that enables immediate action
  • Insight dashboards customized for store execution
  • Frequent data capture
  • SKU-level granularity in data management
  • Perfect accuracy in each recognized image
  • Edge computing
  • GDPR compatible data management

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