Mobile Care Monitoring in Care Homes


Mobile solution for evidencing care interactions, electronic care planning and reporting

Over 1,500 care homes in the UK evidence care as it happens with our icon-driven app, creating more than 2.5 million care notes every day. Evidencing care using our easy-to-use app, carers can quickly create meaningful care records that typically saves an hour a day on paperwork, so they can spend more time with residents. This equates to saving 3 days a month each on administration and record-keeping. Supporting industry regulatory inspections, we help providers to be recognised for innovative, transparent and person-centred care. “Compared to just five years ago, an electronic care system is crucial to provide a service nowadays. Any business owner would struggle without Mobile Care Monitoring, just for the sheer strain it takes away from managers. dashboards that deliver all the information to their fingertips.” Rizwan Govindji, Company Director, Solomon Care “Archiving is done for us, and in the right order, and information is automatically saved to the cloud. I also don’t have to worry about data protection as Person Centred Software has designed Mobile Care Monitoring to exceed GDPR’s security requirements.” Shari Tindle, Registered Care Home Manager, Butterfly House “Mobile Care Monitoring is bringing health and social care into the 21st century and the world of technology focussing on person centred individual needs being met and accurately recorded.” Elaine Cawkwell, Care Assistant, Stella Matutina Over 72 million care notes are stored every month and the company is working with universities on research projects using data analysis to identify patterns which predict development of malnutrition and dehydration. This will lead to simple early interventions to prevent entirely avoidable causes of death in vulnerable care home residents. Rishi Sodha, Care Director of Handsale Care Homes said, “Staff retention rate has increased by 40% for care staff and 33% for nursing staff since using the system. Staff morale has improved now they are spending more time with residents, which is why they chose to work in care in the first place.” Person Centred Software is working with partners on the development of a care ecosystem that can work together and feed into its electronic care planning system. Partners include PainChek, an artificial intelligence facial recognition app to detect the amount of pain being suffered by people who are unable to communicate, and ASCOM, whose Myco 3 mobile handsets integrate evidence of care with other systems to provide a universal mobile device for everyone involved in the provision of care. Person Centred Software is also working with several electronic medication system providers with the aim of feeding data between systems for increased visibility of care insights and to give providers greater choice of pharmacy they use for electronic medication administration. For a demo contact Person Centred Software on 01483 367567 or More information at

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