Hospital Scheduling Platform

Autor: PetalMD

PetalMD develops solutions to improve the efficiency of health establishments and access to care.

The Platform gives a real-time overview of care coverage, which facilitates the planning and management of hospital’s resources. Medical schedules are centralized in one or many customizable hospital consoles and accessible on mobile devices. Users also have access to a secure messaging specifically designed to improve coordination of healthcare professionals. 

With PetalMD’s Hospital Scheduling Platform, the information regarding doctor’s availabilities and medical activities is always up-to-date. No more waste of valuable time caused by the dispersal of information in many hospitals or medical services, ultimately generating additional processing times for patients. The platform offers complementary and interoperable solutions that use AI to optimize the scheduling and management of healthcare professionals. Each of these SaaS solutions are also accessible on mobile phones and ensure the highest standard of data security.


  • Hospital Console – By centralizing medical schedules, the Hospital Console gives a real-time overview of care coverage, thus facilitating the management of hospital’s resources and the communication between stakeholders.
  • Physician Scheduling – This solution automates the creation of physician schedules through AI and allows the planner to manage his/her team, for example by allowing autonomous shift trades between doctors.
  • Secure messaging – Through chat or hospital communication features, this secure messaging solution for healthcare enables hospital managers and physicians to share confidential information securely and communicate rapidly.
  • Patient Booking – This solution offers an online appointment booking portal and automated reminders, while also allowing the synchronization of different patient appointment booking channels.
  • Hospital Analytics – Analytics dashboards give key data such as appointments number, unused time slots, on-call coverage, workload, medical activities and so on.

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