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AI-powered product & content recommendations, uniquely 1:1 in real-time

Pique turbocharges ecommerce growth and digital content engagement with 1:1 real-time product and content recommendations. Pique helps businesses turn even first-time and anonymous visitors into paying and engaged customers, with little to no historical data. 


Our industry-leading and proprietary AI powers your web, apps, bots, and other digital endpoints, to grow your business.


Pique has grown ecommerce revenue up to 50% across multiple verticals, with an expert team with data science experience from Silicon Valley and Cambridge University.  Pique’s original research was published at RecSys, the world’s most prestigious recommender system conference.  


Our mission is to be the best applied AI partner for your business, providing each visitor a unique experience.


Contact us for a personalized vision of how we can help turn visitors into customers.

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