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Employee Rewards & Recognition Program to drive your engagement

Employee Rewards and Engagement Solution

Personalized Rewards & Recognitions Platform to make Work a happier place!💚

Vega Reward is an Intelligent Cloud Platform which is a one-stop solution for your Employee Engagement, Rewards & Benefits platform to make your organization a truly-rewarding workplace. We simplify and automate your Employee Reward & Recognition programs with Ease, Transparency & Flexibility with a Fastest Onboarding & Implementation period (One Week)

Gartner says ONLY 13% of employees are largely satisfied with their Work Experiences. Think how these small changes can help people feel more satisfied and welcome at their workplace.

Vega Rewards Can help your organization in: -

68% Higher Employee Engagement

27% Higher Operating Income

32% Higher Employee Productivity

30% Higher Customer Engagement

38% Lower Employee Attrition

What’s in-store for you:

- Give a Shout-out: Appreciate, highlight and recognize a good work, raise a feedback or spot award for your colleagues, subordinates or even members of other teams. Give them something to show for their efforts.

- Track Rewards: Manage your feedback credits, oversee your team’s performance and utilize the rewards budgets that your company has extended to you. Proactively build an engaged work culture.

- Redeem Reward Points: Why settle when you can fly, redeem your credits against 3000+ coupons from your favorite brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Adidas, Dominos Pizza, Myntra, Flipkart, Fab Hotels and many more.

- Tax Savings: With in-built food coupons, the app facilitates tax savings while purchasing groceries from your favorite outlets. All you need is this platform that guides you along the way.

- Happiness Index: Share your mood, be authentic, employers want to know how you are feeling and are there to help through the thick and thin. An inclusive work culture starts with you!

- Internal Social Network: An internal chatter box to celebrate and engage with your colleagues achievements and fuel a culture of camaraderie and excitement for the entire workforce.

Other Key Features:

- In-built Dashboards & Analytics, Flexible Approval Matrix, Leaderboards, Automated Rewards, Employee Lifecycle Rewards, Budget Allocation, Townhall & Event Based Awards, Real Time Visibility etc.

- Flexibility: Vega Rewards is the most Flexible & Configurable Rewards Platform which provides its customers to use the inbuilt PICK & CHOOSE options to design their R&R Program as the way they want.

This helps in reducing the dependencies on the product or dev team for each & every thing as the platform enables you to configure, draw & design your rewards program the way you want in just a few clicks.

- Quick Onboarding: Committed 1 Week Implementation.

This helps in saving the crucial man hours of your Internal Team for the core & productive tasks as Vega Rewards Team will handle it in the most efficient and fastest manner.

- Integrations: Integrate Seamlessly with your existing workflows. Our Platform is API enabled to integrate and share data directly with real-time connectivity across platforms including: -

Microsoft Teams Outlook Gmail Linkedin Facebook Whatsapp

- Single Sign On: Avoid maintaining or securing multiple user credentials with the SSO Features of Vega Rewards with MS Teams & Gmail.

Download the Vega HR App now and start a rewarding experience!

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