Feedback app in Teams

Autor: Predica

Discover how Teams as a platform business apps can improve performance ​of your teams.

Today’s world forces every organization to constantly develop and improve itself. What is more, hybrid work is widely implemented so teams are dispersed geographically, a lot of people work from home and employees attend many online meetings every day. In such a situation, the organization has to assure, that it operates most efficiently and has the all necessary information to be able to constantly learn and improve.

To achieve this, there is a need of creating a feedback culture along with a specific toolset, which reflects required agility, modern workplace strategy, and user-friendly UX. Predica’s Feedback app supports this approach by integrating direct and automated after-the-meeting feedback in MS Teams app – right next to your's Employees.

The main benefits of our in-Teams, Feedback app are:

  1. transformation of the very formal and difficult business area to a smart, user-friendly, and integrated process with great user experience on top
  2. enhancement of the process for formal employee evaluation with:
    • new possibilities for direct feedback,
    • process embedded into regular operations in MS Teams.
  3. chatbot
  4. interactive notifications with adaptive cards
  5. process automation for HR, admins, and employees:
    • planning,
    • reminders,
    • alerts,
    • escalations,
    • reporting.


  • MS Teams licenses (O365/M365)
  • readiness/compliance to use the Azure Active directory
  • location covered by Azure Data Center
  • no special regulatory restrictions

Feedback app in Teams aims to build a culture of transparent communication and to know that positive and constructive feedback is given for the benefit of the other person and the whole team. An important element is also striving to implement the strategy of a modern, friendly, and intuitive workplace in the organization, which should be delivered with the use of the selected technology and the method of project and solution implementation.
Feedback is supposed to take little time and bring great value, where the burden of time spent on filling in forms is shifted to just indicate the need, leave a record for analysis, but most of all to encourage people to meet and talk about it.

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