tedee App smart lock manager

Autor: Predica

Forget keys. Unlock and lock your door with a single tap on any smartphone thank to tedee app

tedee App is cloud-based application which helps appropriate user for remote control of their tedee smart lock. 

tedee App was built natively on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, using reliable services including: Azure AD B2C; Azure Notification Hub and Azure IoT Hub. 

Using the application, you can easily and securely share your digital lock key with others - permanently, for a limited time or regularly, on certain days of the week.

Tedee application options:
  • Check the lock status and control it remotely: Not sure whether you locked your door? Use your teedee app on your mobile phone to check and lock it from anywhere.
  • Door lock history log: Go back as far as you want to check the time and keys used to operate the lock. Wondering if your friend locked the door after leaving your flat? Use the app to check.
  • Stay up to date with notifications: Get real-time notifications of locking and unlocking events. Configure select the events you want to be informed about and let your smartphone do the rest.
  • An all-in-one app: Manage as many locks as you like at the same time from a single app.
  • Availability: Use the app to give your family and friends access to your home. Use the bridge to lock and unlock the door remotely.

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