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Take care of your fleet’s efficiency, driving safety and costs.

Share with us the samples of GPS data obtained from your fleet tracking and monitoring systems and in return our proprietary algorithm will describe company’s drivers driving style. Efficiency of driving and road safety very much depend on such factors as: number of rapid and sudden braking, accelerations or compliance to the regulations. NepDrive service is based on the analysis of GPS data samples obtained from vehicle monitoring and tracking systems, and it allows to estimate online driver driving style. This solution we offer in a SaaS mode and it enables automatic identification of those vehicle users who are more likely to cause on- road damage or add to increasing the costs of a car exploitation. Credibility of the estimations has been recognized in the insurance projects while the know-how enables us to offer the solution to companies owing car fleets, dealing with transportation of goods, transportation of passengers and car rent agencies. The driver driving style is classified according to the samples of GPS data and presented on a 10 grades scale. Thus 1-3 score makes an undesirable driver, 4-6 a good driver, 7-10 an excellent one. The key factors taken into account in the final rating of a driver driving style are: - Speed- respecting the regulations and limits - Smooth driving- keeping stable speed - Dynamics- accelerating and deaccelerating, sharp braking. With the above parameters we are able to estimate driver’s responsibility of the road safety, car depreciation and even the fuel usage. This service is both based on the Flotis GPS and other producers of the vehicle monitoring systems data samples.

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