Supply Chain iPro

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Customized Supply Chain Inventory Management POS System for manufacturers & distributors.

Supply Chain iPro Highly customized POS Supply Chain Inventory  Management System for MSME manufactory  and distributors and is a complete cloud based digital solution geared towards producers and distributors. Professionally crafted with users in mind, requiring very less learning curve. 

The Cloud based POS and Inventory solution ensures it runs on top Technology that needs a minimum maintenance. It also features location based access for added security providing a solid, reliable and mature platform fit to serve the community and businesses alike.

Supply Chain iPro APP Modules 


Factory Login:


Interactive Dashboard

○ Birds view of Sales value and Stocks for stores and factory

○ Price Chart for all sales items for quick reference


○ Birds view of Customer purchase and Payment details, with easy customer history


○ Manage Brands, Products, Sizes, Stores, Vehicles, Taxes, etc.

Transits & Requests

○ Birds view for Stocks movement between end points, with optional GPS tracking


○ How Doing Report with BI Analytics

○ Reports on Daily Sales, Returns & Accounts, Pending Deliveries and Pending Payments

○ Reports on Store Sales performance with Ranking and Targets


○ Simple Accounting with Cash, Bank ledgers and Invoices

○ Import to Tally or QuickBooks


○ Manage gift offers for all stores 

AI & Blockchain Integrations

○ BlockChain and AI with Alexa & Google Integrations available on request.

Store Login:

Interactive POS Dashboard

○ Point of Sales with up to 6 bills

○ Birds view of Stocks

○ Day close with card settlements

○ Target and achievements

○ Incoming Transits & Requests to Factory


More features:

○ Simple money management with account ledgers

○ Current stocks and convert stocks

○ Birds view of Customer purchases and Payments

○ Gifts & Offers
○ And more..

Note: Feature Customization & Maintenance available on contract. 


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