ProcessM Process mining & BI Journey

Autor: ProcessM UG

Insight storytelling based on the animated process mining analysis

ProcessM provides data analytics solutions based on process mining (Pm) and Business Intelligence (BI) techniques in MS Power BI and Power Automate. This hybrid approach of Pm and BI sheds light on many hidden valuable insights obtained from your real business processes and integrated data. Furthermore, we make intelligence alive by animating process analysis with multi-dimensional filtering.



If you intend to have a different analytical solution to overcome the following challenges:

·        The targeted business value through the ongoing business processes is not achieved?

·        Tired of complaining too much about overflows, delays, unknown increased costs, and fraudulent activities?

·        You have spent a lot of money and time on deploying and customizing your business process applications.


ProcessM supports you to have a successful journey in your digital transformation by turning data into insights, insights to actions, and actions to automation. We support seeing your company in a new way of data governance multi-dimensionally to have more productivity and lower waste.


  • Shedding light on hidden insights: Visually highlighting the hidden knowledge of real processes and discovering the painful steps of work to save more cost and time and to increase the productivity
  • Big data support: Providing process mining dashboards over millions of records
  • Interactivity: A fully interactive tool for better understanding the different behaviors of your organizational operations
  • Multi-channel access: Enjoying analyzing your processes on your smartphone, laptop, and tablet
  • Integrity and compatibility: Integrating over 50 data sources, connecting many solutions in MS Power Platform, and using many functional Microsoft components such as SharePoint and Power Automate

Discovering the reality over data is our power. 

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