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GDPR / DSGVO compliance simple and revision secured

GDPR / DSGVO is a compliance tool which supports your company to set up and ensure GDPR / DSGVO Compliance
Key features of our software
  • Processing directories are managed in a revision secured manner
  • Risk assessments with recommendations for action are available and are updated at any time
  • Setting up technical and organizational measures (TOM) based on template individualized by your input.
  • Information and deletion requests can be processed using a simple workflow with mail support
  • In the future you will be able to draw up an annual plan for all GDPR relevant activities and prove their implementation

Who are we addressing

  • Data security officer
  • Small and medium business owners
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Appointed data security members who are looking for a support tool
  • IT which is in charge of compiling maintaining a data security concept

Thanks to the latest SaaS technology, no time-consuming and nerve-wracking local installation is necessary, you work on an individually encrypted database in a cloud environment that is operated and secured in Western Europe.

Another advantage of the SaaS technology is that you automatically have the latest version of the software at your disposal at all times and that we can provide you with the technical and legal adaptations directly.

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