Power Hub

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Power Hub – real-time Dataverse sync to Azure SQL DB with full change history

Power Hub is a centralized database created to serve as the foundational platform for advanced analytics and reporting, integrating data from Dataverse and Projectum products. With its historical data capabilities, it enables better insights, robust data management, and improved reports. Offering advanced options for backup, restore, audit, and more, Power Hub is built on Azure SQL Database, delivering strong features for efficient data management, real-time synchronization, and comprehensive reporting. Enhance your data processes with the powerful and versatile features of Power Hub.

Key Capabilities:

  • Reporting and Data Management:
    • Real-Time Sync for Reporting: Enable up-to-date reporting with near real-time.
    • Full Data History (Optional): Maintain a complete historical view of your data with Temporal Tables.
    • Audit, Snapshots, and Trendline Reporting: Simplify historical reporting and data analysis with built-in audit capabilities and predefined views or apply your own custom logic by utilizing the full flexibility of SQL Temporal Tables.
    • Data foundation for AI & ML: Well-structured data with the possibility of full history allows for advanced analytics solutions.
  • Backup & Restore:
    • Single-Item Restore (Deleted or Point-in-Time): Restore individual items that have been deleted or need to be reverted to a previous point in time.
    • Restore relationships including Many-to-Many: Built-in functionality to restore different types of entity relationships, including many-to-many.
    • Shared Permissions: Accurately recover complex data structures and maintain security settings.
  • Data Export Service (DES) replacement:
    • Solution Table Sync and Low Latency (<60 sec): Ensure quick and efficient data updates.
    • DES-Like Views and Metadata: Mimic DES table and column names for a smooth transition and maintain continuity with DES metadata views.­

General Features:

  • Selective Sync on solutions, tables, and columns
  • Dynamic schema synchronization (new fields etc.)
  • Secure built-in access and user management
  • Self-Service DB Firewall Rules for increased security and flexibility
  • Check your solution's health and consumption with Azure metrics and overview
  • Easy access and use of historical data for reporting and analysis
  • Support for Microsoft Entra ID users and groups
  • Installed on your own tenant with 100% data ownership and easy deployment
  • Product support from a dedicated support team ensures a smooth experience

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