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PowerPPM is a new generation of PPM built on the Microsoft Power Platform.

PowerPPM works for Dynamcis365 as well as Office365, and is built with all the core features of a modern Project and Portfolio Management solution. In fact, PowerPPM is a next-generation Microsoft PPM Solution, which seamlessly works together with the new Microsoft Project for web edition. Also, Microsoft PowerBI Portfolio Reports & Dashboards can be embedded directly in PowerPPM, offering you the complete PMO overview. In other other words, PowerPPM is a holistic and userfriendly PPM Solution, incorporating a modern work management tool for the execution part. In PowerPPM, you can create a portfolio overview with different "views" or groupings of data. Furthermore, you will have both a Portfolio, Program and Project level, meaning that you can create a portfolio with subprojects as easy as simply establishing the dependencies and connecting the entities! PowerPPM allows for you to build your portfolio overview easily from a “top down” portfolio approach – meaning that you can create your strategic portfolio before creating projects or project templates. This powerful solution will make you forget about all your previous PPM-struggles and will make you able to focus on the work that really creates value for your business. The target audience includes PMO leads, Portfolio Mangers and Project Managers. The solution is relevant for all industries.