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Property data and insights for real estate professionals

Relab provides over 30,000 property professionals such as real estate salespeople, property developers and property investors, as well as home buyers and sellers with the data and insights they need in order to make informed and data driven decisions both for themselves and their clients and customers. 

  • Our Subdivision Feasibility Calculator tool allows investors, developers and property buyers to easily and quickly analyse the potential any new property anywhere, any time on any device. Our Subdivision Feasibility Calculator assesses estimated development costs, estimated profitability and gives you a detailed financial analysis, including an ROI estimate, all in the same easy to use tool.

  • Getting advanced data and insights on a property has never been easier with our Advanced Search Insights feature. With Advanced Search Insights (ASI) you can easily filter by over 15 different search parameters, giving you thousands of distinct, data rich and highly accurate potential results. 

Relab Advanced Search Insights (ASI) lets you search any suburb and filter your results by:

  • Title type (freehold vs cross lease)
  • Zoning type (Auckland Unitary Plan)
  • CV range
  • Land-to-CV value ratio
  • Minimum land size
  • Current listing status
  • Mortgage status
  • Access to infrastructure (Storm and wastewater connections)
  • Topography of the site; and more!

  • Our latest feature, Building Consent Insights (BCI) helps you to understand exactly where new Building Consents have been granted along with all the finer details of any consent applications, including date, costs and dwelling information. Perfect for real estate professionals, property developers, and property investors, BCI lets you gain a massive competitive advantage over your counterparts with in depth and up to date data points on building consents.

  • Save yourself a bunch of time and hassle by ordering your property documents directly from us with our super speedy, industry leading turnaround times. Order title, interest on a certificate of title, easements, caveats and more with our super streamlined ordering process. 

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