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Sales order management & mobility tool

What is Ordertake?
Ordertake is a simple to use mobile order management application created for sales representatives to quickly and easily process requisitions on the move. Designed to be ERP agnostic and hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud, Ordertake reduces paperwork, allows users to access any required information and speeds up the requisitioning process.

Enhanced Efficiency
Speed up the ordering process with an order management application that simplifies the whole process. Once the order is created, the delivery is triggered, so the customer doesn’t have to wait long to get their order. The efficiency is translated into quality of care that can be measured.

Excellent Service
Designed to take orders directly online or offline anywhere, Ordertake guarantees a smooth and seemless experience. Management can immediately visualise the cost per ward, the demands being triggered and cost-driven KPIs via Ordertake. Ordertake caters for clinical stock and services needed to provide a solid Sales & Distribution supply chain.

All Information at your fingertips
Ordertake includes a customer list, past orders, credit information, and other critical data, so your user may have access to information required to proceed with the generation of Sales Orders. With the catalogue included as part of the app, the workforce will always have the latest product information at hand.

Why use Ordertake?
Eliminates manual processes
Allows to process orders faster, mobile & offline
Gives access to up-to-date product & consumable information

Integrates with any ERP
Can be used as a digital catalogue saving printing costs
Boosts the professionality, mobility and ease of working in any Sales & Distribution company.

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