Real-Time Listening & Response AI

Autor: Pulego Technologies

Leverage artificial intelligence to analyze mass conversations and drive personalized communication

Christopher Africa offers Organizations the opportunity to tap into relevant micro moments, behaviors and conversations on social media, using Artificial Intelligence, to deliver mass personalization and communication.  By strategically partnering with Christopher Africa, it will allow Organizations the opportunity to intercept relevant keywords, behaviors and conversations, driving reach, engagement and resonance across both existing and new customers/constituents. Christopher Africa’s AI currently speaks 11 languages and its language library is constantly growing. 


Real-time Social Listening

Christopher detects, analyzes, interprets and reports on mass social media conversations to provide actionable insights. 


Real-time Rapid Response

Christopher has the ability to immediately respond to conversations as they take place on social media


Real-time Dashboards

Dashboards are provided to visualize and report on all listening and rapid response/campaign activities – allowing human intervention and input in real-time, thereby continuously training the Christopher artificial intelligence


24 Hour Service

24 Hour account managers dedicated to Clients

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