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An integrated transfer agency solution that offers tangible benefits for global fund management

Puritas is a global software provider within the Transfer Agency Services industry. Our systems are trusted by some of the largest leading Fund Administrators in the world, in over 11 jurisdictions. Our products support complex operational and regulatory environments by delivering first class customer service efficiently whilst meeting global regulatory demands.

PureFunds & PureClient provides the capability to service a global offering that is compliant with multi-jurisdictional specific reporting services, to handle several asset classes, complex fund structures and investor reporting demands.

PureFunds & PureClient are predominantly used by administrators within UK Retail Funds (Unit Trusts, ISA/JISA), Offshore Investment Funds (OEICs) and European Investment Funds (SICAV & UCITS) industries.

Our products focus on automating key administrative activities, covering: -

- Onboarding and data management

- Recording and management of CDD & KYC

- Automated Risk Assessments & Transaction Monitoring

- Investor Dealing

- Entity Screening

- Reporting

- Investor Portal

PureFunds & PureClient are rich in functionally with high levels of automation to allow Straight Through Processing (STP). This is facilitated by building interfaces (APIs) with best of breed applications, allowing us to increase our levels of automation.

At Puritas we continue to focus on innovation by continuous development and improvements. We are always looking to improve processes that allow our clients to increase their productivity and scalability without compromising on quality and service. Puritas have a strong team of individuals containing a wealth of technical and transfer agency expertise. We aim to deliver quality features rich in technology that solves problems and enables opportunities.

Whether your business is small or large we are confident that our products will support business processes allowing the ability to deliver true value and the ability to scale with confidence?

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