Q-Flow® Customer Journey Platform

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make the most of every customer visit ™ , Optimize customer experience and BO process efficiency

The Q-Flow platform consists of four key products :

Q-Flow AM – designed to deliver enterprise-grade appointment scheduling solutions, Q-Flow AM includes every component required to provide self-service appointment scheduling (via Web, mobile etc.), agent assisted or call center scheduling as well as calendar capacity analysis and planning, allocation of resources required for appointments, and complete customer communications (e.g. reminders and confirmation requests) from the moment of scheduling until visit completion.

Q-Flow QM – designed to deliver complete in-store/in-branch customer flow management, Q-Flow QM includes both the rules engine that ensures smart, skill-based and priority-based routing and queuing of customers, and the equipment interfaces needed for delivering the in-store experience, such as check-in kiosks, directional digital signage, and audio.

Q-Flow PM – designed to provide business process management to back-office operations that support the front-end customer experience, Q-Flow PM includes a sophisticated workflow engine, skill-based task management, SLA provisioning and monitoring, and a true customer-centric architecture that ensures back-office processes deliver on promises made by customer-facing staff.

Q-Flow IM – Q-nomy's customer interaction management product manages all communication channels (e.g. email, Web, and mobile), handles incoming & outgoing messaging, supports both free and moderated agent communications as well as semi-automated and fully-automated messaging, and it can parse incoming messages to trigger and enrich customer-service processes.

The Q-Flow platform is scalable and flexible, and offers in product configurations for the organization admin , and in product customized solution development for Q-nomy certified partners. please visit the Q-market in the links below to view Q-App solutions to Q-Flow provided by Q-nomy and Q-nomy partners :

One of our best seller Q-app is the Financial Foundation Package , which offers self service appointemnt booking website , SMS text reminders and notifications , and in-branch reception options.   

Q-Flow has a proven track record integrating with CRMs (i.e. MS Dynamics) , ERPs . EHRs and more. 

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