Qarrot Employee Recognition


Motivate your team to perform with full-circle recognition.

Qarrot is a complete recognition software solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Whether your goal is to improve employee morale, strengthen your organization's culture, drive higher performance, or to simply say "thank-you", we can help.

Our features and flexibility let you create a program tailored to your business objectives and easy to administer:

Employee recognition

Empower your managers and employees to recognize and reward the contributions of their peers with points and badges.

Award Campaigns

Create individual, team or company-wide objectives and motivate great performance with a purpose.

Milestone Awards

Automatically celebrate employee work anniversaries and birthdays and never miss an important date.

Social Feed

Boost collaboration and increase your program's visibility with a public social feed.

Budget Management

Proactively manage your program costs with role-based point budgets.

Reward Catalog

Offer your employees a global reward catalog of 200+ leading brands, instantly redeemable.

Data & Reports

Stay on top of your program with analytics and detailed reporting.

What customers are saying:

"We are setting goals for team leaders with rewards attached. It is helping to motivate employees and meet sales goals."

— Jesse Swanson, Manager at Kaman’s Art Shoppes

"We're a remote team scattered across the globe, so Qarrot has given us the means to connect through positive praise by recognizing our individual strengths."

— Dominique Robinson, Support Team at SMTP2Go