Moovment Coach Remote Service - mobile scan + home exercises

Autor: Qinematic AB

Hire a Moovment Coach to provide remote advice to improve posture, balance and movement quality.

When people move well, they move more and they are less likely to get injured or experience discomfort. We use augmented intelligence to create a 'digital you' so we can analyse the way people move and recommend corrective home exercises. Thanks to the advanced Moovment technology, our Moovment Coaches can see small problems and recommend solutions earlier, with greater accuracy and in a captivating way.

Moovment Coaches will review scans performed using the camera in a mobile phone within 48 hours. The Coach will send comments and corrective exercise videos securely inside of the Moovment Pro Portal.

As many as 1 in 2 Americans have movement-related problems like back, hip and knee injuries, postural dysfunction and balance problems. Some of these can be disabling in older age groups. Not to mention high rates of non-contact injuries that are sustained at work and on the sports field every day. Many of these problems can be prevented with early detection of poor movement patterns, poor balance and poor posture. Most can be corrected with exercise.

With Moovment software, proactive employers, sports teams, schools, and residential homes identify and address small problems with movement before they become big and costly problems.

Moovment software helps our Coaches and our end-users to see more than the human eye can see.

After all, if you are not assessing, you are just guessing!

Contact Moovment Coach to arrange a service that suits your needs.

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