LiDAR solution traffic and pedestrian tracking

Autor: Quantum Information Technology

Critical infrastructure perimeter security using LiDAR technology

Quantum Labs SEAS-XS helps facilities such as correctional centers, data centers, airports, military bases, and other high-security sites proactively detect potential threats. 

By automating control of security cameras using data from a light detection and ranging (LIDAR) mesh that removes blind spots and by applying facial recognition via a customized analytics application, people and vehicles can be effectively tracked and identified. 

A computer vision (CV) application uses the zoomed-in view to detect faces, age, and gender information and compares this data with predefined geofenced areas and approved zones. Combined, these functions provide unique insights into where individuals are going, whether they should be there, where they gather, and even who they gather with. 

This information enables security teams to more effectively monitor behaviors, ensure secure areas are only accessed by authorized personnel, and protect assets.

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