Rapid Decision

Autor: Rapid Financial Services, LLC

Configurable fully integrated loan origination SaaS platform that has processed 19MM+ applications.

The Rapid Decision platform enables digital transformation to an intelligent cloud-based system for financial service enterprises. Designed for speed, the platform allows for a fully digital online and mobile experience for end-to-end self-service and the ability to integrate Customer Service assistance at any point in the origination process. The centralized document repository houses both system generated and applicant provided documents of all types that can be accessed, uploaded and downloaded online.

Rapid Decision supports loans, grants, lines of credit and loan guaranties to small businesses, sole proprietorships, government organizations, independent contractors, and consumers. With a focus on configurability over code development, the platform has been architected for flexibility. 

With integrations already built for many commercial and government data collection services such as credit bureaus, identity validation services, device ID vendors, Treasury Do Not Pay and the IRS we have greatly reduced or eliminated the slow and time-consuming process of gathering and validating application information to enable the fastest decision turns times possible.

At Rapid, our mission is to empower every financial organization to serve their customers faster and more easily while delivering the data infrastructure and intelligence to effectively manage financial program risks. 

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