Autor: Bosch Global Software Technologies Pvt Ltd

DEEPSIGHTS, carbon neutrality, sustainability, energy efficiency, optimization, utility optimization

Elevator Pitch:

To play a critical role in enabling customer journey of achieving carbon neutrality. By focusing on increasing the energy and utilities efficiency across manufacturing operations using AIoT capabilities. Bosch DEEPSIGHTS monitors and optimizes energy and utilities consumption through closed loop delivery capabilities.

  • Energy and utilities cost reduction by 5% – 20 %
  • Useful lifespan of an asset extension by up to 30 %

Transformation to a sustainable and resilient net zero economy is accelerated by carbon neutrality….Embark the journey with Bosch DEEPSIGHTS!

Solution Overview:

BOSCH DEEPSIGHTS - Digital suite targeted at energy, utility conservation & sustainability. Full stack digitalization suite that connects and monitors assets to optimize energy & utilities consumption accelerating carbon neutrality initiatives.

•60+ pre-built KPIs for energy intensive production and utility assets

•20+ preconfigured asset class model supported (WAGES, CNC, SMT, Assembly, Pump, Solar, H/P, DG, Grid/EX, HT/LT transformers, APFC, UPS, HVAC, Conveyors, Furnace, Autoclave, Compressors or Hydraulics)

Benefits Statement:

•Energy cost reduction, typically 5%-20%
•Up to 20% gain in utility management productivity
•Up to 90% reduction in utility management reaction time ( from 30 mins to 2 mins) having high impact on plant stoppages
•Up to 30% extension in tangible asset useful life (due condition-based maintenance and asset model)
•For the available existing data offline analytical insights
•Domain expertise for connecting machines with less capital investments

•Reduced litigation costs due to SLA breaches

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