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Intelligent credit management platform for SMEs to manage credit risk and grow faster

Recordent is an innovative technology platform focused on providing credit management services by enabling businesses in their secured growth. Solutions are designed for better cash-flow management and business expansion while creating trust and transparency in seller-buyer relationships through data.
Data-powered Payment Notifications: Recordent uses the power of aggregated data to create awareness, motivation, and consequence to your Customers to pay on time and build their own credit profile at the same time
Check Customer Credit History: Allows Businesses to access payment history information and credit reports of existing and potential customers and enables informed decision-making setting trade terms
E-Arbitration and Legal Notice: In today's digital era, settling disputes online is more of a necessity than an option. Avail E-Arbitration services and effectively send Legal Notices to defaulting customers
Cleaner Invoice Reconciliation: Upload all your customer invoices via bulk upload or Tally integration and allow your customers to reconcile invoices with you. Further, your customers also have the option to manage invoices along with payment options through the customer dashboard
Improved Cash-flow Management: With a faster churn in your receivables, reduce the borrowing requirement to fund your working capital, lower your costs and focus on business growth!
Better Customer Relationships: Regular follow-ups with Customers can impact your business relationship. Recordent’s professional and neutral payment notifications encourage mutual trust and transparency in buyer-seller relationships

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