Replicon Professional Services Automation

Autor: Replicon Inc

Streamline your end-to-end services workflow with Replicon PSA powered by Time Intelligence Platform

Optimize Service Delivery
Empower your business with complete visibility and insight into client project progress to make proactive decisions. Orchestrate your business specific service delivery workflow and manage projects lifecycle.

Maximize Utilization & Growth
Boost your billable hours and pipeline with real-time oversight into resource allocations and availability. Forecast future resource needs and plan ahead for growth.

Financial Management & Accounting
Get complete control over revenue recognition and management with workflows and insights that help you manage financial health in real-time. Maximize services profitability.

Best-in-class services organizations leverage Replicon's PSA to uncover true profitability with:

Enhanced Service Delivery Management
Leverage Replicon’s service delivery platform based on a business process modeling engine and frameworks to manage end-to-end project lifecycle. Orchestrate your unique delivery workflow & manage key service delivery metrics.

Real-time Financial Management
Enable various personas including project, billing and finance managers to track and manage project profitability, billing status, estimates to actuals, billing contracts, AR forecasting and more in real-time.

Advanced Resource Management
Set productivity targets at individual, group or company and manage resource utilization for profitability. Empower your consultants and drive billable accountability.

Growth Management
Plan, forecast and manage future pipeline requirements to manage resource needs and utilization to ensure costs and overheads and efficiently managed.

Accurate Project Accounting
Track and manage financial health of your services business. Effectively manage billing issues before they percolate downstream, greatly reducing revenue leakages.

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