Metro Print Controller

Autor: Retail Manager Solutions Limited

Metro Print Controller is RMS' Print Automation module within their Metro software suite

Print Controller is a full in-store print portal providing access to all styles of print material, ranging from shelf edge labels, ingredient stickers, shelf talkers and digital signage. Integrated tasks ensure that communication to both store teams and customers remains paramount when driving sales, compliance, customer experience and engagement at the shelf edge.

Print Controller can integrate with third-party subscription services that allow price and product review comparison data to be printed onto tickets where applicable. For example, if a product is half the price of a major competitor the template could print this information onto the ticket to influence a customer to purchase in the store, rather than elsewhere or online.

Print Controller can execute batches of tickets either in-store locally or send print-ready files to third party printers where the job is printed, sorted, and shipped to store.

Print Controller quickly and easily executes batches of tickets, or ad-hoc locally in-store using existing printers and can also send specific ticket types for execution on mobile belt printing devices, ideal for 'reduced to clear' or in-aisle SEL ticketing.

Print Controller supports all commonly used barcode symbology's and includes the ability to present/print these either in landscape or portrait on addressable areas within a template. Print Controller also supports both Direct and Indirect QR codes, where the latter allows the same barcode to do different things at different times. For example, in the morning a QR code might take a customer to recipe ideas when scanned however in the afternoon it may take them to a different offer.

Offer Rules are created to control the layout and display of POS material based on data-bound to the individual page being printed. Multiple rules can be created per Template and are made up of Conditions and Changes. Print Controller supports kerning to ensure spacing between characters achieves a visually pleasing result and can operate in conjunction with a company/store/brand specific dictionary ensuring brand names, fonts and words are presented correctly. It can also hold a profanity library to ensure no offensive descriptions or words can appear on SEL or POS ticketing. Template text will automatically resize based upon the available print area.

Matching - Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is a standard that allows Print Controller to read from all the databases currently available, including Microsoft SQL Server which the application itself uses. Template designs consist of Elements, Layers, Data and Rules and are created using our Print Designer software. Print Designer allows you to create rich templates that contain all the information required for rendering POS material on-demand, including colour coded (RAG) visual content, product imagery, brand logos and information that helps promote an emotional connection with the product to the customer.

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