Revas Business Simulation Games

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Business Simulation Games for teaching business in a practical, engaging and fun way

Help (young) people experience and understand business. Run business courses in a practical, engaging and fun way in more than 10 industries.

Simulation participants, divided into teams, run virtual companies and make realistic business decisions similar to decisions made daily by real managers.Teams analyse market information to make strategic and operational business decisions. Every decision they make is juxtaposed with the market and teams are ranked every round on the basis of a scorecard taking into consideration financial and non-financial ratios.

Who are the simulations for?

  • universities – courses on business, economics, operational management, financial accounting, business for 'non-business students' courses
  • secondary schools - courses on management, accounting, entrepreneurship, economics, marketing and key competence workshops
  • business – managerial skills training, ’experience business’ workshops e.g. for employees working with SMEs to better understand the customer, soft skills workshops

What are the benefits of using simulations?

  • business learning-by-doing
  • experimenting with business strategies in a risk-free environment
  • increased engagement and motivation to learn
  • interdisciplinary skills & key competence training
  • managerial challenges in a real-life industry setting
  • competition between groups within one market
  • every game is different - no pre-defined good answers

Choose from more than 10 available game industries, e.g.:

  • Travel agency
  • Event agency
  • Car garage
  • IT services
  • Shipping company
  • Hair salon
  • Beauty salon
  • Interactive agency

Play in your language:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Polish

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