Revenue Premier Integrated Tax Solution on Azure

Revenue Solutions, Inc.

Revenue Premier Integrated Tax and Compliance Solution on Azure Government Cloud

Tax and revenue agencies struggle with old systems, difficult to support and maintain, constraining innovation and limiting critical services to customers. Tax law changes are difficult to implement, limited business rules mean unnecessary manual reviews while customers wait for refunds and other responses. Agencies are looking for enabling, configurable systems to automate decisions, increase compliance and improve the administration and collections of taxes.

Revenue Premier, hosted in the Azure Government Cloud gives agencies the most adaptive and capable COTS software solution in the industry with world-class standards adherence and compliance. Revenue Premier, an end-to-end tax administration and compliance solution includes a Taxpayer Portal, enabling transparency and taxpayer self-sufficiency.

Why Revenue Premier in the Azure Government Cloud?
1. Less time to respond to changes in tax laws and policy:
- Configurable workflows, case management, forms and correspondence
- Advanced business rules management automating decisions, less manual effort
- Open data access to drive decisions and improvements
- Lower costs to administer, collect, support and maintain

2. Increased customer satisfaction and self-service options:
- Online, intuitive filing and paying
- Secure access to history of all actions
- 3rd party delegation features to authorize others to act on taxpayer's behalf
- Increased voluntary compliance, revenue and ROI

3. Rigorous compliance to security standards, high availability:
- IRS Pub. 1075, FIPS 140-2, Section 508 compliant, running on Azure Government Cloud datacenters
- Role based system access
- Unmatched monitoring and management
- Secure taxpayer data


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