OmniLearn LMS

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A seamless virtual campus platform to transform your institution into an EdTech

OmniLearn LMS is a blended learning platform that enables a transition from offline to online virtual learning while combining a fine blend of instructor-led and self-paced learning for the adult education sector, schools, universities & IHLs, and corporate workforce learning.

It enables e-learning through a myriad of content formats and types to support it with the ability to assess learners through individual and group assignments across formative & summative assessments while tracking the content consumption and measuring the progress through the micro-level grading process. It provides insights to analyze learning patterns & behaviors.

OmniLearn LMS facilitates the competency-based learning outcome to be delivered by emphasizing on instructional units (set of lessons) & session-based learning delivery & interactions, supported with graded and non-graded assignments and online summative assessments.

OmniLearn LMS empowers learners and instructors to be geared up for self-paced e-learning, live lectures, e-class / lecture recordings, group mentoring, and personalized learning with support for digital learning through advanced dashboards, interactive discussion forums, online assessments, competency unit-based learning tracking, and learning analytics, while seamlessly integrated with OmniMentor for hyper-personalized learning interventions and tracking

OmniLearn LMS virtual campus platform helps in providing detailed learner analytics across course consumption, automated assignment scoring, grade books, score based auto-progression on the learning pathway, course completion certification & the conduct of online summative assessment.

It scales up the analytics using the combination of Azure SQL and Azure Hadoop engine capabilities in an integrated manner.

The multi-tenancy enabled OmniLearn LMS platform supports Learning Tool Interoperability and OAUTH / SAML  standards to extend the learning courses into the customer’s and partner’s environment while tracking the learners’ course consumption & learning data centrally on a real-time basis.

It helps 5 beneficiaries, namely: Learners, Educational Institutions, Mentors, Employers & Learning Designers.

Supported Edition: This app supports the Essentials Edition of SaaS.

Supported Countries: All countries where SaaS is available.

Supported Languages: This app is available in English.

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