Stella Enterprise Chatbot Solution

Autor: Sanuker Inc. Limited

NLU Integration | Live Chat Integration | WhatsApp, Facebook and LINE Chatbot Deployment

Nothing better than a personal, helpful and caring chatbot to get things done. We build conversational experience with AI on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE and Web Chat. We help you map out all-round messaging strategy from ad placement, production, analysis to optimization. If you are looking for ways to reduce customer service burden, to enhance lead quality, to achieve a quicker lead response time, to engage your customers, to keep your subscribers updated, and more, Chatbot is your new channel. - 180,000+ people subscribe to our chatbots - Designed and developed 100+ chatbots - Processed 20M+ messages in total - 20,000+ conversations carried out every day - 5,000+daily push messages sent

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