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Develop enterprise mobile apps with the Scolvo Development Platform without ever leaving VS Code

The Scolvo Development Platform (SDP) is a fully integrated Application Development ecosystem optimized for Enterprise environments. It is performance focused, ensures enterprise security standards, featuring native iOS, Android, web interfaces and backend logic, operated with an easy to learn JavaScript-like language.
  • a multi-platform application development solution that empowers any developer to build custom iOS, Android, & Web and backend applications with ease
  • Scolvo Development Platform ensures that a single script based on a universal business logic will go a long way as it is translated to all major platforms: iOS, Android, Web & backend.
  • No stack dependencies - No need for having a full team of dedicated Android, iOS, Web developers, & backend engineers.
  • The Scolvo language is a JavaScript-like language therefore takes less than a few weeks to learn even for newbies.
  • Developers translate the business logic into script written on a single platform, via the Scolvo scripting language. SDP manages all the complexity of creating mobile apps, web apps and backend.
  • Built to be compliant with enterprise security and audit requirements
  • Delivery, maintenance (CICD), scalability & security in one development tool
  • Supporting Single Sign-On to meet the general requirements of enterprises
  • Provides Backend-as-a service
  • Native mobile app suitable for web apps as well
  • Offline first capability
  • Built-in native functions – Take a picture, Voice recording, Calendar, Initiate a call, Initiate email, Initiate Messages, File uploads, QR code, Bar code, Code reader, Geolocation, etc.
  • Built-in Scolvo functions - Lists, Forms, Questionnaires, Alerts, Push notifications, Reports, Dashboards, etc.
  • Runs in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid
  • In the case of a database, business logic, or feature change, there is no need for a full application release cycle, only a simple backend deployment.

This extension was created to provide a GUI and full support for the , a mobile-specific application development platform that empowers any developer to build employee-facing mobile applications for enterprise clients radically faster.

It also includes a language extension for the Scolvo language - a Javascript-like language powering the platform.

Installation and licenses

Besides installing the extension, for getting access to the full functionality of the Platform, you’ll need to have a developer license. Please register and you will receive the free developer license with the welcome email.

The developer license is valid for 14 days and can be renewed any time from . Should you need any assistance please email us at

Using the extension

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