Output Management System - PLOSSYS 5

Autor: SEAL Systems AG

Company-wide printing and distribution of documents from the cloud.

Submitting documents to your customers, suppliers or employees in the right place at the right time and in the correct format and version is a key success factor for companies. That’s why we provide you with a strong Output Management Engine to optimize your overall print and document management. With PLOSSYS 5 we provide a device-neutral, secure and entirely transparent solution for all users and IT administrators. With a standardized interface, we make it possible to connect you to diverse output channels (printing, plotting, electronic) so that you are equipped for any form of correspondence. And with SEAL Systems your printing processes, are even hardware independent. Use the convenience of the PLOSSYS 5 centralized printing system for Windows and SAP, and benefit from the centralized management and monitoring of your printing environment.

With its microservice architecture, PLOSSYS 5 is a native Cloud application to operate your document and print management in public, private or hybrid cloud environments. Operating in the cloud enables you to simplify your IT environment, reduce costs and increase the flexibility of your printing processes. SEAL Systems enhances your cloud applications with an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for document distribution. Besides the flexible use for your cloud applications, we offer further useful enhancements for your IT infrastructure: Document Services (Forms management), Fleet management (Asset Management), Printer management (easyPRIMA) and rule-based printing (RUMAN). The microservice architecture of PLOSSYS 5 enables a selective choice of the actually needed services. Rarely used components can be additionally booked from the cloud and are then charged according to the actual usage only.

Main benefits of PLOSSYS 5

  • Faster printing processes
  • Cost-efficient printing processes
  • Mobile printing, remote printing and BYOD
  • Easy integration to ERP systems
  • Simple integration to your existing IT environment
  • Removal of Print Servers
  • Hardware independence
  • Enhanced fault tolerance
  • Reduction of security risks
  • Easy scalability
  • No own infrastructure is needed
  • Usage of the latest cloud technology

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